As a father of four young kids and a health nut, I was quite troubled by the choices of snacks available for today's families. This is how 180 Snacks came out. I wanted to create the perfect bite-size snack that was healthy yet didn't sacrifice great taste.

180 Snacks are 100% Natural, Peanut-Free, Gluten- Free, Cholesterol-Free, Kosher, Wheat-Free, 100% Vegan and Dairy-Free, and best of all they are made right here in America! These crunchy little morsels are Slowly Dry-Roasted with a pinch of all natural sea salt, lightly glazed with sweetness, then packaged in-house to guarantee freshness.

My kids and so many others have come to love our variety of flavors, and it's my hope that you and your family will too. Enjoy.


- Michael Kim, Creator & CEO